Incredible Tips For How To Wear A Kimono

Incredible Tips For How To Wear A Kimono

A kimono is a traditional Japanese garment, usually T-shaped open at the front and resembles a robe. You can dress in a kimono in various ways, depending on its color, length, and pattern. Kimonos also come in different sleeve lengths and styles. While they are traditional garments, nowadays anyone can wear a kimono and style it as they wish. This article guides you on how to wear a kimono.

Tips on how to wear a kimono

A kimono is one of the most versatile clothing articles you could have in your closet. The following are tips on how you can wear a kimono;

1.      Wear a kimono with jeans

The easiest way to create a cute outfit with a kimono is by wearing it with jeans. It is also the simplest way to do it. A simple pair of jeans with a cute t-shirt or tank top would do the job. The trick is to put on your favorite jeans and top combination, then throw a kimono on top. However, you may want to match the colors of your outfit. For instance, if you own a colorful kimono, you may want to wear simple colors underneath.

2.      Wear a kimono with a dress

You can also effortlessly wear a kimono with a dress. Many people assume that the only time they can pair a kimono with a dress is if the dress is short. However, no rule states this. You can pair your kimono with a maxi and medium dress. However, it would be wise to wear a tight-fitting dress or bodycon. You can wear this combination to various events, including weddings, brunch, work, and date night. It would also make a cute summer outfit.

3.      Wear a kimono with a jumpsuit

This is one of the rarest ways to wear a kimono. Many people prefer staying away from this combo because they do not believe they can pull it off. However, this is a simple yet chic look that anyone can rock. The trick is to ensure that your kimono and jumpsuit colors match. Also, ensure that the patterns are matched correctly.

Types of kimonos you can wear

It is also worth mentioning that the market features different types of kimonos. The following are some examples;

  • Traditional kimonos- these were worn by ancient Japanese to weddings and formal events. They feature oriental designs specific to the Japanese culture
  • Short and long kimonos- these articles also come in varying lengths. Short kimonos are fantastic to pair with dresses
  • Beach cover-up kimonos- these are ideal for beach and pool cover-up.


In addition to the various styling combos for kimonos explained above, you can also style your kimono by accessorizing it. You can add a belt to your kimono, especially when wearing it with a dress. A belt will highlight your waistline and add some sophistication to your look. You can also wear it with a pair of long heels, especially for a long kimono. There is no limit to ways you can style or accessorize your kimono.